[Vocaloid] Artist behind the scene ; Azell


His most recent work, [Firefly]

Today, I am going to talk about some vocaloid artist I knew of on the internet through random browsing or introduction by others. I came to know of Azell two years back when I was trying to get some touhou remix that would hum me off to sleep. Azell is a wonderful musician and he, like many other internet artist, have a few of their own albums.

Unlike most artists, Azell would host his own works and share with others, and only asking those who feel like supporting him to buy his albums. Most of Azell’s works are very soothing and pleasant, but sadly, he is not very well known on Nico Video.

Read more inside to see some of his other vocaloid works!


[Best Friend] was his first vocaloid work that actually got me interested, and he made it somewhere in 2007. He has shown interest in vocaloids, and even went to the extent of purchasing all of Crypton’s Vocaloid 2 Series. The only video that has the highest hit was [One-sided Love], sung by Len and have a total hit of near 20,000 last time I checked.

For those interested in his works, and want a mp3 version of it, you may download them at his website.

Episodes and Melodies

Other than his vocaloid works, I recommend trying out his remixes and or his original works, they are quite good too.

For those who want to use his works, these rules must be followed as according to http://www.ep-melody.com/html/rules.html.

  • To contact Azell by e-mail when you want to use his and or their works.
  • They are to be used for non-commercial purposes.
  • To credit them for his or their work.

On a side note…Azell was the one who posted the second original song sung by Miku. It was named [White Festival], for those who are interested.

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