[Vocaloid] -Happy Memories- by Ekusie

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[Happy Memories] by Ekusie, and the PV is by “I don’t know who!”. Since I am not good with japanese, I am guessing it could be this 鳥越タクミ(torikoshi takumi) guy.

Ekusie first started to show his face on Nico Nico Douga in early 2008 and had released quite an amount of videos. Ekusie is a Kagamine artist, and as such, all his works are either by Len, Rin or both. (Except for one, I think…)

[Happy Memories] is the only work I enjoyed from him, and thus the only one I would feature. Unless he produce something else that caught my attention too. Sad to say, these few weeks, there are little to no videos that really capture my attention and made me want to add them in to favorites…

Artist PIAPRO page : http://piapro.jp/ekusie

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