[Vocaloid] Miku FES + Massive Video Updates~!

First, a video to interest you guys @_@; Song by Cytokine

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Well, there has been a massive lack of update from me since I was pretty busy with school and whatnot *Lie* So here’s a massive video update with little comments on them just so to show that I am as lazy as ever!

The artist for this wonderful PV is Tsukimido, while the song is by Cytokine. Cytokine himself have made several “Kids Anime”, each lasting a few minute on Nico Video. And his only notable Vocaloid work is [Palette World Breakdown], which is his first Vocaloid song.

Also, remember Miku FES 2009? Well, the artist performing in the FES are confirmed and although the events of the day are not announce yet, there are many rumors floating about~

Read more inside! (At least just to get something to listen to!)

Well then, Miku FES first! So which artist have definitely join in the festival this year?

Supercell (Ryo and gang)
livetune (RAMRIDER、The Standard Club、HiroyukiODA、imoutoid)
デッドボールP (deddobooruP)
Oster Project (Non specific members…As of yet)
19’s Sound Factory (Non specific members…As of yet)

Although the event schedule aren’t announce yet, we can definitely confirm that each group and or artist will definitely be playing a few of their old hits, and maybe a few. As for how Miku would be present in this event, rumors have it that they would be using the same 3D figure in Project Diva to emulate out Miku.

Of course, this is one of the few and most popular speculation, compared to the one where you’re supposed to wear some 3D glasses. It is also said that livetune have something in store for us on August 31…I wonder what it is though~

Source : http://mikufes.jp/artist/index.html
(Click on each artist’s respective image to enter their website for more info)

Nico Video Link

Well, enough of Miku FES for now…Titled [Tengaku], by ゆうゆP(YuuyuP). Currently the best Rin music during my inactive period and I seriously have no idea what the lyrics meant.

Nico Video Link

The title speaks for itself. Made by Rinntaro in hopes of achieving a better [Imitation Rain] using Luka and Meiko combined. Rather well done, if you ask me~

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[Last Sunset] GUMI version by kouki, I think. This is a lot better than Miku’s version of [Last Sunset]. Not really popular, but I like it~ So I am sure you would too, right~? *Load shotgun*

Nico Video Link

[Name of Memory] by buzzG, a somewhat new artist that recent surface in the world of Nico Video. The song is about how we remember things, and thus how we name our own memories with feelings.

Nico Video Link

A virgin work by Taishi, a new artist that recently got Luka with his own hard earned pocket money. Surprisngly, his first work involves all english lyrics. Not bad, but let’s hope he show us what he can do.

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[Uso Tsuki] otherwise known as [Liar], by U-SkeP, same artist for [Music Life of Pop Creation], which was quite a hit in January. Also the lyrics writer of [April Fool], other famous work includes [Love at First Sight] and [Never Again].

Well, I guess that’s it for now…To tell you the truth, what’s there to write about video reviews anyway? But meh, if I don’t write anything when I am “Free”, you-know-who would just ask me if I could do anything~ And no, you did not see what I did there! >_>

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