Will Anime Dubbing Die Off In 2011?

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When it comes to licensed anime in the west, the first question that would come to people’s mind is probably “dubs or subs?”. Although it’s somewhat of a no-brainer for most people out there that subs are usually a better choice when compared with dubs, there are still people who would prefer to listen to dubs. However, if you’re one of the people who would prefer dubs over subs, the days of dubbed anime might soon be numbered!

In a recent editorial on AnimeTV Blog, Bang Zoom’s — a dubbing company for licensed anime — CEO, Eric P. Sherman, had urged fans to buy licensed anime instead of watching fansubbed anime out there. Titled grimly as “Anime R.I.P”, Sherman speaks of the dangers the western anime industry is facing and how watching fansubbed anime solely damages the industry.

“I can guarantee you that this time next year, Bang Zoom won’t be bringing you anymore English language versions of it.”

Adding on his own company’s inability to bring dubs in the near future due to people not buying licensed anime, Sherman mentions that the whole anime industry in the west will die, sooner or later. He added that judging by the death of several well-known anime distributors (ADV Films, Geneon Entertainment USA) and the layout of Bandai Entertainment in January 2009, the anime industry in the west is clearly dying.

While Bang Zoom is not an extremely large company in the whole dubbing industry for the west side, it’s definitely something worth thinking about. It’s not every time a company would come out and declare that their industry is dying, right? It might very well mean the end of anime dubbing’s industry is nearing!

Of course, there are many other reasons why fans would want to watch their favourite series through fansubbers: they are a lot quicker than majority of the anime licensees out there. It’s a kind of “I want it now” kind of mentality and if the companies could get their animes out in the same time frame as fansubbers out there, I’m pretty sure many people would gladly pay to support their favourite series. However, if you do factor in the anime dubbing in, I guess it will still take sometime for the companies to bring out the dubbed animes.

Then again, how many people would take dubs over subs these days?

Via: ANN.

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