Windows 7’s OS-tan: Madobe Nanami!



What other better way to start off a highly anticipated operating system by roping in their very own mascot for it?

I won’t bore you with anything, just hit up the video and enjoy listening to Madobe Nanami’s voice that could be running in your own desktop!

Recently released with the Japanese version of Windows 7 Ultimate is the Madobe Nanami sound pack, an exclusive add-on for Windows 7 which will replace almost all the default sounds with the mascot of Windows 7, Madobe Nanami who is voiced by Nana Mizuki.

The sound pack is flawless in every aspect, and it comes with 3 Madobe Nanami wallpapers too. The only complain I’ve got with the sound pack is the “chin” sound that comes up every time you do something… but it can be disabled, so not much of a problem there!

All in all, this particular sound pack has just to be the best move Microsoft has ever done. The sound pack is already having it’s run in the internet, so it’s just a matter of knowing where you can find them…

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