Windows 7’s OS-tan Packaged Together


Yes, that’s right. A character representing Windows 7 now.

First was the Vocaloids, now it’s Microsoft. One would really have to wonder if the selling factors of the software actually comes from the software or the character that’s packaged with it.

While Windows 7 will be released across the world in a more or less ordinary fashion, it seems that the Japanese’s version of Windows 7 will be receiving a very special kind of add-on: having an OS-tan packaged together with every single copy of the premium (ultimate) set.

You can find the pricing of the premium set here (note: japanese site).

What’s so special about this particular copy of Windows 7 then? Basically, kind of a big deal (and special too, since no one else in the world except the Japanese will get to buy them) as the Ultimate version of Windows 7 will come with a very special character called Nanami Madobe, who is more or less the OS-tan representing Windows 7.

Voiced by Nana Mizuki, who is more or less famous for her voicing of in Naruto — and pointed out by a commenter, Fate Testarossa from Nanoha, Nanami Madobe will be packaged with every single one copy of Windows 7 Ultimate and in each package, there’s a variety of wallpapers as well as event sounds. This will enable you to “breathe” some life into your very own computer. (you know, all those mundane sounds that Windows plays? Now you can change them!)

Pre-orders for the copies will start as soon as 22th October, so hit up on the above mentioned link and check it out yourself.

Via: ANN.

Note : *facepalm*

Note #2: Sorry for the mistake, was typing this up late at night ;_;.


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