“WONDERFUL HOOBY LIFE FOR YOU!! 9″(Or Wanhobi 9 by others) is an event hosted at Akihabara Square on 14 Feb 2009, supported by Good Smile, Max Factory and Nicovideo that aims to showcase Figma and Nenodoroid series. For this upcoming event, many Figma were promised to be released on the day itself and pretty much everything is for sale. First come, first serve.

Usually, this kind of event in Japan isn’t a big deal for me for I can’t experience it. But something about this event fully caught my attention as I was browsing through nicovideo’s blog…

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But first, let us familiarize ourselves with the event. So we all know Wanhobi 9 sells new and old figmas’ and nendoroids’, but what kind?

Specifically, Otaku fans are waiting for the releases of this two…

Nendoroid Kaito in all his trap-like cuteness!


Pretty cute eh? Not. And yes, this is Kaito, Miku’s senpai and is still waiting to be properly introduced to Notcliche. Being lazy as usual, that would most likely be delayed as usual~ *Get stoned by Kaito fangirls*

Ow! Ugh, I get you all for this…

Up next, we have Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan!

Well…I never really watch the series, and I didn’t really like the character design. But meh, who cares? It’s still one of the expected and long waited release for the month. Personally, I am waiting for the Miku Nendoroid in April and Nagi from Kannagi in May.

As for Figma, I really have no idea about them. The only one I knew of were two figma I have never heard of from Plawres Sanshiro, which is just some 80’s manga. The series was said to be strong throughout the years, even till now as there are still many fans that still supported it. Looks like some kind of fighting manga if you ask me…


As mentioned before, something draws me in to this event. As we all can see, there is definitely no Miku, Rin or Luka in this event. All the new models are released on April and May, so what really made me want to write an article on this?

Don’t you all find it strange that Nicovideo’s name was mentioned in one of the supporters? I did, but didn’t care much about it till today. Yes, today. I was reading through Nicovideo’s blog and I come across this post.


Yes, he is coming for Wanhobi 9.

For those that have lurked the dark void of Nicovideo long enough, two words immediatly stand out from the rest.


There is only one person which the entire nicovideo population proudly call Aniki. And the person is none other than Billy Herrington, a meme and legend of the past. Well, just not to make it sound so dramatic, he is a bisexual actor from America famous for gay porn.

…What? Cat got your tounge? I guess it’s no big surprise, since this is more of a in-joke for the japanese.

Aniki is widely known as either Aniki(兄貴) or The Forest Fairy(森の妖精). The second one sounds…Well, gay, right? Guess it fit his job alright! And to make things more lulzy, the japanese deliberately tag all videos with him as either Forest Fairy(森の妖精) or Philosophy(哲学). If you want to know more about this “philosophy” thingy, check it out yourself on Nicovideo. Even if you don’t understand japanese, more or less from the video you can get what it’s trying to say.

Aniki have more or less accepted his e-fame, since he is officially invited by all the party involve for the event. Though I have no idea what he has got to do with Figma and Nendoroid…Unless they are making a figma or nendoroid of him, which I shall pray daily never to happen. Let’s see what they are up to after 14 feb, eh?

Aniki greeting the Japanese. Come see my model, and the— the doll.

Of course, the real epic stuff is shown now.

Just in case you want to know what make him a meme for the Japanese, it is due to the hilarious inappropriate noise he made in all his videos. Like he sounds like he is training for the Olympics when he is doing gay porn, and making gay sounds when he is doing SFW work.

Well, that’s it for now…May Aniki blesses us with more laughter as he walk through Japan.

Stay tune for more Vocaloid goodness in my next post!

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