World Of Warcraft Surpasses 12 Million Subscribers

Following the launch of the China’s version for World of Warcraft: The Wrath of the Lich King, Blizzard has officially announced that they have surpasses the 12 million subscribers mark for the supposedly “King of MMOs”.

Several months back, Blizzard had admitted that their subscriber base hasn’t increased at all since 2009. This is probably one of the few times where Blizzard has openly mentioned that their subscriber base has finally increased since their cap of 11 million plus subscribers.

People had speculated that World of Warcraft had finally reached it’s limit as an MMORPG. With a level cap of 80 and some incredibly fast leveling in the game, players had mentioned that they are getting bored fast and the only real thing to do in the game is to just instance dungeon for items. This gets extremely repetitive fast and many people dropped out of the in just months of gaming.

With the expansion Cataclysm around the corner, one would wonder how World of Warcraft will fare once the expansion is released. User base will definitely increase by some amount, but will the amount of subscribers stay the stale after several months of the expansion’s release date? I guess only time will tell.


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