It’s A Wrap: Anime Festival Asia X — Day Two

It’s all about the Gundam itasha these days!

IYrag here also formerly known as IFreedom, the residential photographer for NotCliche since well… AFA08. Here to cover the stuff happening round the convention for day two since the Netto is unable to make it (forcing poor me to go the whole day alone). Since most people don’t know who am I, I would forc… I mean ask Netto to allow me have an intro page! But less about this and more about AFAX !

With day 2 being a Sunday the crowd was huge but unlike Saturday where there was another convention running along side AFAX ended and open up a whole floor worth of space. Another difference between Sunday and Saturday was that there were a huge amount of cosplayers. But even with the extra space everyone was shoulder to shoulder trying to get around.

While inside AFAX convention there were the mini stage activities, Animax life dubbing session, 3D TV showcase. But one of the main attractions was the SF4 and BlazBlue competition which drew so much people the whole area became so crowded that in order to walk pass the area you have to walk around it!

The amount of cosplayers there is extraordinary too.

The stage area was also jam packed with people wanting to get in on the stage events, not blaming them but day 2’s stage event was as good if not better than the first day, with the movie screening of Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi, Regional Cosplay Championship, Angela, Scandal, May’n appearance, Kaname & Aira panel. Not to mention Anisong Concert Side B.

On with the photos, most of the day’s photos as you would expect would be from cosplayers, which in my opinion have been improving in quality since when I first started helping NotCliche this have also increased the number of photographers attending these events making it harder to get a better spots.

Well then I will sign out here and let you enjoy the selected few of my best photographs (in the upcoming post) for you to view. Feel free to comments on my work!

Note: all photos where edited slightly using Lightroom 1.4.

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