Writers & Lawyers Strongly Opposes The Revised “Non-Existent Youth” Bill

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Writers and Lawyers voices their concern regarding the nature of the bill.

With the announcement of the revised “non-existent youth” bill, negative responses are to be expected as the implication of the bill passing would be disastrous for the creative industry of Japan. It is exactly the case, as two groups that represents both the Writers and Lawyers from Japan have expressed their concern regarding the new revised bill.

Called bill 156 officially, the bill is more popularly known as “non-existent youth” bill to the general public, although the bill has dropped the “non-existent youth” phrase from the bill entirely. More information regarding the revised bill can be found through this particular post.

The Japan PEN Club, an organization that focuses on literature and plays has mentioned that the new revised bill would “warp the freedoms of speech and expression” and allow the government to invade the privacy of people. The organization had also opposed the earlier bill that was proposed a couple of months back.

Tokyo Bar Association, an association that consists of lawyers have mentioned that while the new revised bill would remove vague term of “nonexistent youth”, the new bill also introduces another vague term of “exaggerated” to define which material should be restricted. The association added that manga and anime are usually “exaggerated” by nature, and has concerns about freedom of speech if the bill is to be passed.

Not only that, political party DPJ (Democratic Party of Japan) in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly had also expressed their concerns about the revised bill. The party had also opposed the previous bills that were proposed to the assembly in the previous few months. The DPJ is the second largest party in the assembly.

While it’s not exactly clear if the bill would be passed or not, but the would-be results of the bill is clear to many. With so many organization opposing it (no news about any organization actually supporting it), we might actually see this bill rejected. However, that’s all speculations, so who knows what would happen in the near future.


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