Xbox 360 Getting A FF13 Bundle Too

Like the PS3 bundle for FF13, it looks like Final Fantasy 13 on the Xbox 360 will also be coming in as a bundle for people who are interested.

Priced at USD$399, this North America exclusive bundle will come with a standard Xbox 360 console with 250GB Hard Disk, 2 wireless controllers and a copy of the Final Fantasy 13 game itself. Despite the white colour scheme of the console on the picture above, it is stated that both the console and the controllers will actually be black in colour. Think of it as a Xbox 360 bundle with just a FF13 game inside.

Other little special stuff includes a Xbox 360 FF13-themed faceplate. The 250GB Hard Disk will also feature a “Final Fantasy XIII” wording on it. Nothing really special asides from that, but I think the faceplate is plenty reason enough for FF13 fans to grab the bundle.

There’s also mention of several “exclusive download content”, although nothing has been specified at all. Just cross your fingers that these “exclusive download content” aren’t just some model alternations…

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