Xbox 360’s Virtual Wife Opens Official Site

By now, you would probably have heard of the upcoming virtual wife game titled “My Wife: A Bride Just For You“, right? It might have taken a few moments for the game to finally have it’s own website, but here it is! The website is now finally open and you can take a few looks at your potential wife on the Xbox 360!

Although the site is opened for sometime now, it looks like there are several menus that are disabled (see those “????” on the selection screen) and will probably be revealed at a later date. But as of now, interested future-husbands can now take a good look at how their to-be brides will look like, as well as several profile details about her. Personality, character voice, a short summary… yeah, all information you need to get you started on your first wife!

The game will be out this August for a retail price of ¥7,329. Not too bad if you’re looking for a virtual companion!

Via: Andriasang.

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