“Yuru Yuri” Gets TV Anime Adaptation


Cast of Yuru Yuri

The cast of "Yuru Yuri"; From left to right: Chinatsu, Akari, Kyouko and Yui

The May issue of Comic Yuri Hime has recently revealed the TV anime adaptation of the comedic slice-of-life series, Yuru Yuri.

The story revolves around a group of 4 fun-loving girls as they take over a now defunct Tea Ceremony clubroom as their own amusement club. Who knows what would happen when these girls starts to put their fun plans into action!

Not much details regarding the anime has been revealed as of now, although it is more of less confirmed that Masahiko Ohta and Takashi Aoshima are both working on the anime project. Both had previously worked together on the first season of Minami-ke, so if that’s any indication at all, you and I should be extremely excited to see what this series can do!



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