Ziddy Plays #3 : Cross Calibur

As promised in the previous edition of Ziddy Plays, we take a look at another 2d Fighter Maker 2nd game. Also based off the “Tales of” series, it is Cross Calibur.

Name : Cross Calibur

Language : Japanese

Type : Doujin Game (PC)

Genre : Fighting

Players : 1-2 Players

Netplay : X

Ziddy Plays Cross Calibur – Veoh

I have mentioned before that despite the programs used to design games (e.g. Fighter Maker), they will turn out differently at the end. Some people are under the impression that as long as you are using the same program that everyone uses (In this case we take MUGEN for example), they can have their own perfect clone.

This game proves that this is not the case, despite having a few same characters as Exceed Force since after all, they are referencing the “Tales of” Series. At this point of writing only version 0.2 is out for Cross Calibur. The character roster consists of 3 characters. Cless Alvein (Tales of Phantasia), Rid Hershel (Tales of Eternia) and Kyle Dunamis (Tales of Destiny 2). Despite having a few same characters from Exceed Force, the way to execute the different attacks aren’t the same.

The fighting system in Cross Calibur uses the Chain Capacity (CC) system from Tales of Destiny Remake (PS2). Every attack uses up points in the CC, some using more than others. When the CC is depleted, the characters will be unable to attack for a few moments. This helps to prevent skill spamming and infinite combos that are present in many fighting games. Also, just because your character falls to the ground doesn’t mean that he is immune to hits. This makes combos extend for as long as 70 over hits if you know what you’re doing.

There’s also a Spirit Point gauge that allows for Enchanted skills, which is a stronger version of an existing skill. As the battle goes on, it starts charging up till the limit of 500%. You need at least 200% to use an enchanted skill. This adds to strategy as you will think twice before charging an opponent who has a max Spirit Point gauge.

Like Exceed Force, most of the character voices are ripped from the original games itself. As for the Background Music (BGM), it is also ripped from the original games. Exceed Force on the other hand, used MIDI/remixed BGMs. Perhaps it is under fair use as the author isn’t making any money from it. Then again, the very existence of doujins questions the legality.

Cross Calibur Cless Hi Ougi

The graphics is by far, the most impressive I’ve ever seen when compared to the doujin games which take the similar source for their base. According to the author, he used Paint.net and Photoshop to make individual effects which complements the characters, such as the flames, slashes and hi-ougis. In fact, I’m willing to say that the effects looks as good as the source material, if not even better.

What makes the game stand out from the rest of the “Tales of” doujin games is the AI. In short, it’s merciless. If you get cornered, you can kiss your ass goodbye. Really. The way the AI works is that it knows every single way to combo, such that it makes use of the Chain Capacity efficiently and ends it’s combos with a hi-ougi, leading to massive damage (Although there’s no giant enemy crab). In fact, in the first version of the game, the AI for Cless was so good players had to ask for it to be toned down.

In short, the game is enjoyable, but it can be frustrating when you become the victim of a huge combo.

Pros : Nice Visuals, interesting fighting system, challenging AI

Cons : No invulnerability when on the floor, small character roster, alpha phase.

Rating : 8.5/10 – Despite the challenging AI, the game is the best you can get out of the pack of the “Tales Of” doujin games. Good luck if you want to play, you’ll need it.

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